Tomokazu Matsuyama | Long Museum West Bund


KOTARO NUKAGA is pleased to present Accountable Nature, Tomokazu Matsuyama’s first solo exhibition in Mainland China, at Long Museum West Bund from November 12, 2020 to January 24, 2021. This exhibition will introduce Matsuyama’s fundamental notions, which capture the status quo of present-day life and culture in an unembellished manner. The works in the exhibition feature Matsuyama’s extensive range of aesthetic language, from his iconic shaped canvases to sculpture.

The exhibition title, Accountable Nature, derives from the technical term force majeure, which references natural disasters and unexpected events that are a detriment to the functioning of society and the economy. Usually, when a stable relationship is established between nature and humans, people can enjoy the blessings of nature. However, the occasional rage of nature shakes up this interconnection, causing people to become helpless and even surrender. No one is accountable for any damages caused by the force of nature; even if people would feel unjust. Despite living in times of uncertainty, what Matsuyama has seen in the present is the power of the people continuing to live day by day, maintaining hope for the future and reconstructing their lives. The seven-meter sculpture Nirvana Tropicana embodies that abstract atmosphere in society, and serves as a symbol within this exhibition.


Cluster 2020, 2020



Matsuyama states that it is the crucial role of the artist to capture and express the times in which we live. The notion of finding reality in digital experience, such as people learning about real events happening right outside their windows through digital devices, is one example of boundaries becoming ambiguous. Matsuyama’s canvases reflect unstable binaries representing our era, such as the natural and digital, real and unreal. The canvases possess a nomadic and utopian characteristic as the result of his unique image editing approach. While society is beginning to adapt to a “new normal” way of living, Matsuyama’s work poses the question of whether a “reality” in which people find their identity is genuine, and what a “reality” is in the first place.  



Desktop Utopia, 2020



If you are in Shanghai this autumn, please enjoy the exhibition.






Tomokazu Matsuyama Accountable Nature


November 12, 2020 – January 24, 2021


Long Museum West Bund
3398 Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District Shanghai