Carlos Rolón

Carlos Rolón (°1970, Cicago, IL )known for his multi-disciplinary practice whose work employs a wide range of media to explore themes of craft, ritual, beauty, spirituality, identity and its relationship to art history and the institution. Born to a Puerto-Rican family, Rolón’s background allows the artist to explore personal ideas which directly deal with questions of inclusion, aspiration and cultural identity. Often connecting childhood memories, the artist bore witness to the ways in which households have adapted to new American middle-class lifestyles with homes, walls and furniture adorned with ephemera of color, texture, patterns and items brought into the home to create a sense of longing. It is from here Rolón takes inspiration and transforms these vantage points producing a hybrid language of exuberant flora paintings, sculpture, social practice and site-specific installations composed of diverse materials that offer opportunities for self-reflection, rich symbolism and community engagement, bridging the divide between public and private. Rolón explores how cultivated settings and social barriers operate and its relationship to postcolonial spaces. The work is at once melancholic, excessive and exuberant, poised somewhere between celebration and regret. Inviting the viewer to engage in discourse and discussion.


New Orleans Museum of Art, ‘Outside/In’, Louisiana, USA

Library Street Collective, ‘Buscando América’, Detroit, USA

Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts, University of Alabama, ‘BOXED’, Alabama, USA

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Oakland University Art Gallery, ‘IllinoisCommonwealth’, Michigan, USA


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Traveled to Deitch Projects, New York, and O.H.W.O.W, Miami


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Wayne State University Gallery, ‘Painting by Design’, Michigan, USA

Parco Gallery, ‘Sk8 on the Wall’, Tokyo, Japan


  • Chicago, Illinois, USA 1970


  • Lives and works in Chicago