Nir Hod

Nir Hod (°1970, Tel Aviv)  is best known for the glamorous and visceral nature of his work. With all things noir, he shows us fading golds and chromes, pops of cherry velvet orchids engulfed by flame, lines of bright white indulgence. Renowned around the world for his work, Nir has taken to sculpture, film, and canvas mediums, moving within and around ideas of beauty, contrast, sexuality, decadence, and lost innocence.

Nir Hod earned a B.F.A from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, and continued his artistic training at New York’s Cooper Union School of Art. He has had solo shows in New York at Paul Kasmin Gallery and Jack Shainman Gallery. In Tel Aviv, he has shown solo at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. His works have also been shown in the Michael Fuchs Galerie in Berlin and the Wolfsonian Galleries in Miami, among many others. Interviews are regularly featured in the New York TimesInterview MagazineWELLEThe Wall Street Journal“T” MagazineNew York Observer, Financial Times and more.

At the center of his work, Hod tells a story about raw contrast that can exist in people. He questions indulgence as sin and offers, instead, curiosity. His work suggests to us that life and reality are easier to bear when we consider alternate possibilities, when we consider things that are large than life. Nir Hod gives us the dose of surrealism and that we are all aching for.


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  • Tel Aviv, Israel, 1970


  • Lives and works in New York