Sensory Cells 2019

Kyoji Takubo — August 24–October 5, 2019

This retrospective traces Takubo’s creative journey to realize what he calls ‘Sensory Cells’  through works from every stage of his career, including the early objets d’art in the 1970s and the original paintings for the more recent project of a mural mosaic at the University of Sacred Heart, Tokyo.


Installation view



Kyoji Takubo

Born in Ehime, Japan, 1949

Kyoji Takubo studied painting at Tama Art University. He started his career as an artist in 1971, exhibiting 5 series of solo shows ‘Image Judgement’at the galleries in Tokyo. In 1980s he focused on the creation of objets d’art, and represented Japan in the 41st Venice Biennale.

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