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Leela Schauble — June 2–July 4, 2020

Leela Schauble (b.1989) is a Melbourne-based artist working primarily with photography and video. Her practice meditates on the themes of ecology and human-induced climate change.

Schauble participated in an artist residency program in the Arctic Circle in 2015, which inspired her interest in researching the connection between humans and the environment. In 2018, Schauble partook in an artist immersion program to explore the Amazon rainforest with scientists and other artists. These experiences became a foundation of her series North, Growing in the Dark, and Signal II.

Installation view


〈Growing in the Dark〉

Growing in the Dark contemplates on the themes of adaptation and resilience in the face of extreme environment changes, depicting plants cloning itself to grow from the depths of tepid shadowy water, finding ways to thrive in dark conditions. During Schauble’s trip to the Amazon Rainforests she discovered the science behind the adaptive ecosystem and what risks are involved during the current climate emergency. The photographic series was created in response to increased polarisation on the issues of climate change. As the Australian Federal Government belittle environmental issues by keeping the public in the dark through censorship, cover ups and funding cuts–the need for resistance grows more poignant than ever. Growing in the Dark not only reflects on the deterioration of the natural world through human induced climate change but proposes hope through adapting a new way of life.

〈North (Pyramiden)〉

North is a photographic series Schauble collected during an expedition to the Arctic Circle. It documents the immense beauty of the Arctic landscape in 2015, capturing a glimpse of what might not exists in the future. These selection of images comes from Pyramiden, a soviet ghost town located in the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard. Schauble’s selection of North offers imagery of a vast and empty landscape juxtaposed with remnants of human activity, capturing the enormity and tonality of the northern wilderness.

〈Signal II〉

Signal II is a series of videos created from the LABVERDE artist immersion program in the Amazon Rainforest, to reflect a disconnect between nature, people and science. The work aims to reflect on the complexities and mystic qualities held by self sustaining ecosystems. LED lights placed within the landscape aims to begin a dialog between viewer and nature. Each light sends off an SOS signal that has been obscured by competing signals around it. Schauble takes a contemplative approach on how we, as global citizen, can take responsibility in connecting with nature and to listen to the needs of the environment around us.

Leela Schauble, Signal Ⅱ, 2019, Video (3 channels : 8min 1sec.), Dimensions Variable


Leela Schauble

Born in Melbourne, Australia, 1989

Leela Schauble is a Melbourne based artist working primarily with photography and video. Her practice meditates on themes of ecology and human-caused climate change.

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