Yukimasa Ida

Yukimasa Ida(°1990 Tottori) was born in Japan and currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.

2019 Graduated Master in Oil Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts In 2016, Ida has participated in VOCA Exhibition 2016, and won the Special Jury Award (from Kohei Nawa) at the CAF Award established by the Contemporary Art Foundation.

In 2017, He participated the auction held by The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation as the youngest participant.

His solo exhibition in the last few years are “Rhapsody” (2019, London / UK), “Portraits” (2019, Tokyo / Japan), “The End of Today (2019, Beijing / China)”, “Banquet” (2017, NAUFU Contemporary Gifu / Japan), and “Bespoke” (2016, Labassa Woolfe, London / UK), e.t.c.

He has attended many other group exhibitions and art fairs as well. Continuing to expand his career across the world, based in Tokyo, Japan. Ida’s main theme is ICHI-GO-ICHIE, which means “a once in a lifetime moment”. He aims to visualize NOW which will never come twice.


  • Tottori, Japan 1990


  • Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan